The Voorsanger Architects Archive holds the work of Voorsanger Architects PC, a New York-based architectural firm. While many archives include business documents, correspondence, emails, and related office materials, the Voorsanger Architects Archive does not. Instead, the archive focuses on highlights of the design and creative process from initial sketches to final photos of the firm’s various projects.

Unbuilt, in progress, speculative, and completed projects are included in the archive and are documented through photographs, slides, transparencies, journals, documents, drawings, renderings, press articles, floor plans, sections, elevations, models, awards, certificates, and digital files, images, and fly-through animations. Also included are items relating to Principal and founder Bartholomew Voorsanger, FAIA, including diplomas, photographs, sketchbooks, certificates, speeches, and other personal items. The complete archive (all digital and physical items) is housed at the University of St. Thomas Department of Art History. A finding aid (coming soon!) lists items included in the archive. Please contact us for access.

A curated collection of 25 projects was selected as representative of the firm’s work from the 1970s through the 2010s. Quick facts on these selected projects are showcased on this website, while the archive database offers more detailed information and documentation on each of the 25 selections.